Cigna Short-Term Care Is Here

Cigna Short-Term Care Is Here
April 16, 2024

Cigna's new Short-Term Care product is here! It is now available to sell in AR, GA, HI, IL, LA, MI, NE, NC, OK, & WV.

Please click here for state specific documents: Access Sales Tools

Cigna Healthcare Choice Short Term Care insurance pays benefits1 when an insured individual receives care at home or in a facility for assistance with two or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or for supervision due to cognitive impairment.2

Benefits are provided directly to the policyholder or someone they designate and can be used however they choose. The guaranteed renewable for life3 plan includes both Facility Care and Home Healthcare, three policy levels, and two optional riders,4 so it’s easy for your customers to select the coverage that meets their needs and budget. The simple, comprehensive plan also includes these features:

  • Facility Care and Home Healthcare are funded separately, so using one won’t impact the other, and both benefits reset once per policy lifetime.5
  • Care Transition pays for up to 10 days of the Home Healthcare benefit for assistance provided by a family member or friend if a professional isn’t available.
  • A 15% premium discount is available when both spouses purchase and are issued policies.

Best of all, it's easy for you to earn a $25 bonus for every qualifying Choice Short Term Care application you write each month through December 31, 2024, with a minimum of five Cigna Healthcare Supplemental Health product applications.6

Visit the Choice Short Term Care broker resource page to register for upcoming training webinars and to get all the materials you need to start selling now.

1. Benefits may vary by state and all benefits payable are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. An insured person is eligible for benefits under this policy when a health care provider determines that: a. the insured person is unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (ADL) without substantial assistance; or b. the insured person requires substantial supervision and assistance due to cognitive impairment.

3. Subject to the company’s right to increase premiums on a class basis.

4. Optional riders available for an additional premium.

5. Facility Care and Home Healthcare benefits reset once each per policy lifetime if, after having care, the policyholder recovers and no longer needs or receives care for a period of at least 180 days.

6. Incentive is available in all states where product is sold.

Qualifying Cigna Supplemental Health products include Choice Accident, Choice Short Term Care, Flexible Choice Cancer and Heart Attack & Stroke, Cancer Treatment, Flexible Choice Hospital Indemnity and Accident Treatment, insured by Loyal American Life Insurance Company (LOYAL).All Cigna Healthcare products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of The Cigna Group, including Loyal American Life Insurance Company. The Cigna name, logo, and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc.

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