Senior Market Insurance Announcements

Cigna POS Approval Now Available

May 16, 2018

Cigna has announced that they have a POS approval available. This is a great new tool that have will help you as the agent out. Now you can accelerate your policy issue process and get paid faster. Cigna’s new phone verification and underwriting process will provide preliminary approval for customers and point-of-sale verification, pending our receipt of the completed application. This simplified process allows our phone verification (PV) representative to execute the required underwriting tools and provide policy pre-approval during the interview. If a pre-approval cannot be given during the PV, the representative will inform you during the call that the application will need to go through regular underwriting when the application is received in our office.The interview remains the same with the addition of a few questions needed to access the UW Tools. The customer will be required to provide all prescription medication and condition prescribed so we can provide point-of-sale approval. If you are not contracted with Cigna and would like to be please reach out to us at 888-780-7676 or email Ginny at

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