Senior Market Insurance Announcements

Cigna is moving to Draft at Policy Issue

October 31, 2018

*Cigna Announcement, August 10, 2018* [image: Cigna] *Cigna is moving to Draft at Policy Issue on all products starting August 15, 2018 * You may have heard that Cigna has implemented a new operational change for their Final Expense product: Beginning August 1, 2018 they started drafting the premium on policy issue and on August 15, they are moving to Draft at Policy Issue for all products. - *Policy Change:* - *Old policy:* Draft on Effective Date - Previously Cigna allowed for policies to be drafted at the time of the effective date of the policy. - * New Policy:* Draft on Issue Date - The new policy will be to draft at the time of policy issue. All paper applications must use an EFT form dated 3/18 or later. The app packets that are currently available through Supply already have a 3/18 or later date. Cigna will not accept FE paper applications with old EFT forms after 8/1/18 and they could be returned to the agent if they are not using the updated form. *Note:* Advance commissions are only paid on bank draft business and only at the original activation of the policy. For more information please review Cigna’s FAQs .

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