Cigna: Commissionable PDP in AEP 2024

Cigna: Commissionable PDP in AEP 2024
July 10, 2023

Starting in AEP 2024, Cigna Healthcare brokers in good standing and properly contracted will be able to sell any of their three PDPs and receive commission for their sales efforts!

Here are some details:


  • Contracting for PDP will run through Cigna Healthcare MAPD contract and hierarchy. Existing MAPD agents do not need to re-contract to sell PDP since their existing MAPD contract will cover PDP.
  • If you are not yet contracted, contact us start the process.
  • A standalone PDP contract will not be offered. Agents contracted to only sell CSB need to obtain a Cigna Healthcare MAPD/PDP contract even if you are only licensed in a state where Cigna Healthcare does not offer MAPDs.
  • Contracting in states that are not currently part of Cigna Healthcare's MAPD footprint will be available in July.

Commissions and Admin Fees

Cigna Healthcare will pay commissions and admin fees on all three of their 2024 plans. You can expect to learn more in August when 2024 plan designs are finalized and distributed.

Plan Premiums

Since premiums depend on the CMS subsidy, we will have more details available in August.


There will be no changes in the process of appointments. Agents in Just In Time (JIT) states will be appointed when they make their first 2024 plan year PDP sale (starting with 2024 AEP). Agents in non-JIT states will be pre-appointed.


In order to be considered 'Ready-to-Sell' Cigna Healthcare PDP plans, agents will need to be contracted and complete the 2024 certification, which opened on June 30.

  • States that offer Cigna Healthcare MAPD and PDP: Contracted agents licensed in one of the MA states will need to complete the 2024 MAPD certification. A standalone PDP certification is not available.
  • States that only offer Cigna Healthcare PDP: Contracted agents licensed only in states where Cigna Healthcare MAPD products are not offered will need to complete the standalone PDP 2024 certification. They will not be required to take the MA certification unless they become licensed in a Cigna Healthcare MA state.
  • New Agents: Newly contracted MAPD/PDP agents must complete certification within 90 days of submitting a contracting packet or their packet will be closed.

Be on the lookout for more information to come. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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