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Capitol Life Is Ready to Sell in Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee October 30!

October 28, 2019

For our Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee agents, we have some very exciting news – Capitol life is officially ready to be sold on October 30, 2019!

Why Sell Capitol Life?

  • Easy e-app with innovative red, yellow, and green underwriting system (green is approved, red is denied, and yellow is a quick phone interview to clarify)

Watch our e-app tutorial here:

Capitol Life e-app tutorial
  • Great marketing trips – going to Norway right now
  • Simplified underwriting – no height/weight chart

Capitol Life has been live now in a few other states for several weeks, and the fastest app on record is just 57 seconds! Overall, the initial response from the field is overwhelmingly positive.

We can't forget to mention the extra $500 cash bonus for every 5 underwritten apps. This bonus lasts for 90 days after launch, so get contracted now to start getting those apps in!!

View bonus details here

Initial supplies will not be sent out, so if you need supplies, please let us know!

Your Contact for Ordering Supplies:

Shannan Weaver


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