Atlantic Coast Unlocks Extraordinary Fixed Annuity Rates

Atlantic Coast Unlocks Extraordinary Fixed Annuity Rates
November 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company is launching some pretty remarkable fixed annuity rates, effective November 17, 2023.

3-Year Safe Haven (Compound Interest) Fixed Annuity:

  • Year 1: 6.67%
  • Years 2-5: 5.67%
  • Effective Compound Level Rate: 6.00%

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Available Riders:

  1. Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal: 0.15% interest reduction
  2. Death Benefit Feature: 0.25% interest reduction
  3. Accumulated Interest Withdrawal: 0.05% interest reduction

These rates come on the heels of AnnuityAdvantage's recent rate survey, revealing that annuity rates have surpassed 6.00% for the first time in over a decade. (Source: AnnuityAdvantage Rate Survey)

Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer competitive fixed annuity rates that align with the current market trends!

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