Allstate (Previously NatGen) Med Supp Quoting Information & Updates

Allstate (Previously NatGen) Med Supp Quoting Information & Updates
October 14, 2022

As you know, Allstate (previously National General), has a lot of different discounts (HHD, dual-applicant discount, annual pay discount, and activity-tracker discount).

We have some clarifications on the different rate options showing up in our quote engine, powered by CSG, when you run a quote. CSG also made some enhancements based on agent feedback.

Simplifying Preferred and Preferred Select Rates

For ages, in most cases 65 and 66, where the Preferred Select rate is the same as the Preferred, the Preferred Select rate is removed. This was to eliminate confusion on the same rate showing twice.

  • Note: The Preferred Select rating class is designed for Underwritten business. In Open Enrollment cases, the individual would be under Preferred rating class.
  • In CSG, the Preferred rating class is labeled: Rating Class: n/a. This keeps it consistent with other carriers. Standard rates would be with tobacco use applied.

Allstate Health Solutions is operating under two charters/NAIC numbers. CSG is labeling the companies as so:

  • Allstate Health Solutions for states under National Health charter.
  • Allstate Health Solutions (AHL) for states under American Heritage charter.

Rating Class Labels, Explained

Below is explanation of Rating Class labels in CSG:

  • Wearable – Includes 5% discount for activity tracker
  • Preferred Select – within defined H/W requirements, No Tobacco, One Additional Medical Question (In last 5 years, prescribed or recommended depression medication)
  • n/a – Preferred

These discounts can be stacked. Examples for rating classes would be:

  • Wearable, Preferred Select

When Household Discounts are applied to quote, the above rating classes will also include Roommate or Dual/Roommate

  • Roommate: Rate includes 7% discount for residing with someone 50+ for 1+ years
  • Roommate/Dual: includes 10% discount when 2 people in same resident apply for Med Supp at the same time.

Examples for Rating Classes would be:

  • Wearable, Preferred Select, Roommate
  • Wearable, Preferred Select, Roommate/Dual
  • Wearable, Roommate
  • Wearable, Roommate/Dual
  • Preferred Select, Roommate
  • Preferred Select, Roommate Dual
  • Roommate
  • Roommate/Dual

Annual Discount

10% Annual Discount: Agents can change the quote from monthly to annual to see all rating classes with the 10% annual discount applied.


It is important agents verify the rating class selected when taking an e-application for Allstate Health Solutions in CSG. If the agent answers questions differently in the application that would result in a different rate or rating class, Allstate will adjust the rate/rating class and notify the agent of the change before the policy is issued.

If an applicant wants to pay annual for additional discounts, make sure the agent clicks “Apply Now” with the Annual Discount premium on the quotes results screen and has annual payment selected in the e-application.

CSG and Allstate are working together to allow rate changes during the application process. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Helpful materials:

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