All of the MedicareCENTER Enhancements For AEP

All of the MedicareCENTER Enhancements For AEP
October 3, 2022

MedicareCENTER has made some big enhancements, just in time for AEP. Here's a quick list of all the new features and how to use them.

  • Call Recording, an incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use solution to the latest CMS requirements. Learn more here.
  • New Mobile App, which provides easy access to everything you need in MedicareCENTER. Manage your book of business, stay compliant, quote and enroll with ease. Download on the App Store or Google Play! Learn more here.
  • LeadCENTER Integration, which provides fast access to quality leads. With this amazing integration, you can set up campaigns in a few quick steps to have fresh leads delivered right to their MedicareCENTER CRM from LeadCENTER — all at the flip of a switch! We’re bringing two powerful platforms together to make building a book of business more efficient than ever. Learn more here.
  • Activity Management, which allows you to track the full history of interactions with each client at a glance, including sales calls, status changes, notes and more.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Activity Management:

  • CRM Tagging, which allows you to create dynamic tags that can be assigned to contacts in MedicareCENTER's CRM. Tags can be searched and sorted, helping you easily find clients based on lead source, plan type, recommendations or any other important attributes to the client.

Watch this quick video to learn more about CRM Tagging:

If you have the mobile app, make sure you check for updates to view all of the CY2023 plans!

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