Agent Tips: How to Use Switcher Tags to Retain Your Clients

Agent Tips: How to Use Switcher Tags to Retain Your Clients
October 25, 2022

AEP is the perfect opportunity for you to grow your business by using MedicareCENTER’s incredible capabilities — like CRM Tags! We’ve created a tip sheet just for you about Switcher Tags — what they are and how to use them to serve your clients when they need it most.   

Here’s how it works, in just a few simple steps.

Once you’re logged into MedicareCENTER, the CRM helps! Switcher Tags are automatically applied to Contacts who may be candidates for changing plans, allowing you to easily bridge the gap between knowledge and action while better serving clients.

From your Contacts list, click “Filter by” to choose the Switcher Tag, then click “Apply.”

You’ll now see your filtered list of clients who might need guidance to navigate plan changes. What a great way to dive into AEP and retain business!

Please use the attached tip sheet as a reference for the Switcher Tag in MedicareCENTER. We’ll be bringing more tips on the amazing features in MedicareCENTER so you can be more effective during AEP and all year round!

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