Agent Tips: Custom & Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Tags in MedicareCENTER

Agent Tips: Custom & Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Tags in MedicareCENTER
November 14, 2022

Knowing which clients to call — and when — is important to building your business. MedicareCENTER can help with auto-assigned and custom CRM Tags.

Using the Tags available in MedicareCENTER, can help you prioritize the actions you take with your clients. They’re easy to use, FREE, and are available on the MedicareCENTER Mobile App and at 

Auto-assigned Tags, such as Cross-Sell, Special Enrollment Period (SEP), and Switcher can help you understand which of your clients may have opportunities for cross-selling, eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period, and clients whose plans might be changing benefits. These technology-driven insights are just what you need to keep reaching your AEP goals!

You can also quickly and easily create your own custom Tags based on how you like to organize your clients or who you need to check in with. For example, a “Welcome 2023” Tag could be created to flag your new clients you could check in with after the enrollment period to help them understand their benefits.  

Download this PDF tip sheet to use as a quick reference on CRM Tags. Log into or the MedicareCENTER Mobile App to get started!

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