Senior Market Insurance Announcements

Aetna Updated HIPAA Form

August 26, 2019

Updated HIPAA form required for faxed applications

Aetna recently updated the required health information authorization (HIPAA) form in both their paper sales kits and online enrollment tool.

  • If you fax paper applications, you can order the updated form here (just search "HIPAA form" in the catalog)
  • If you submit electronic applications (Aetna Quote & Enroll), you don't need to take any action

Starting September 16, 2019, any applications received with an old version of the HIPAA form will be considered "not in good order" and processing will be delayed. Agents will have 10 days to submit the current HIPAA form. If Aetna does not receive the form by that deadline, they will close out the application.

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