Accendo IL Household Discount Update

Accendo IL Household Discount Update
December 3, 2021

Aetna is updating their household discount eligibility guidelines for ACC Medicare Supplement policies in Illinois, effective December 3, 2021. You can submit electronic applications through Aetna Quote & Enroll.

Updated household discount eligibility guidelines

Here are the new eligibility guidelines for applicants:

You may qualify for a household discount with an Accendo Insurance Company Medicare Supplement plan. You have two options for eligibility.
Option 1) You reside with your spouse or civil union/domestic partner.
Option 2) For the past year, you have resided with up to three adults age 60 or older.
If you are eligible, based on the above requirements, then the discount will be applicable when the policy is issued. The discounted rates will be 14 percent lower than the individual rates and will be removed if the other adult or spouse (including civil union/domestic partner) no longer resides with you (other than in the case of his/her death).

Applications with a signature date on or after December 3, 2021 will use the new household discount eligibility guidelines. Applications with a signature date before December 3, 2021 will use the previous eligibility guidelines for the household discount.

Note: Our Household Discount Cheat Sheet has been updated to reflect this change.

Paper applications, outline of coverage temporarily unavailable to order

Aetna has temporarily removed the paper applications and outline of coverage for ACC Medicare Supplement in Illinois from the sales materials catalog while they update the household discount details.

The updated application and outline of coverage will be available to order starting December 14, 2021.

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