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12 New Horizons Agents Earning Over $32,000 In Bonuses with GSL

July 12, 2019

By Jeff Sams, Partner at New Horizons

Over the last 2 months, we've had several agents through New Horizons Marketing receive nice bonus checks with Americo/Great Southern Life (GSL). In fact, we have 12 agents receiving $32,500 in bonus money.

When looking at a report of ALL agents who write business with Americo, several New Horizons agents are filling the top slots due to their incredible production.

Currently, Russ M. is number one, Michael S. is number 3, and Jason M. is number 5. This is a great program with a great bonus.

We here at New Horizons want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the 12 folks who are receiving their hefty bonuses, and a great job to these 3 agents who take up 3 of the Top 5 slots when it comes to the top producers for Americo.

Check out the Americo Bonus Program

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