Elco Mutual Holiday Life Production Contest

Qualification Period: November 28 – December 30, 2017 

Easy to qualify!

Just ONE application may qualify you!

All Traditional Life Products Qualify

$95,000 of Platinum Eagle (SPWL)

$95,000 of United Eagle (Joint SPWL, 2nd to die)

$9,500 of annualized premium paying life insurance:

  Golden Eagle (Traditional WL)
  Perfect 10 (10 Pay WL)
  Eagle’s Span (20 Yr. Term Life)

You have until December 30, 2017*

 The contest award is a holiday gift package of$100 Cash**, plus a special ELCO prize.For More Information, Please Call 1-888-240-3351

*Applications must be post marked on or before December 30, 2017.
**Please note the cash award will be reported on your 1099 as required by law.