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The Accelerated Access Solution (AAS) from AIG is a life insurance rider that allows the policyholder to access benefits while they're alive. There's a 91% change that an older adult will have some kind of chronic illness — are they covered?

This is truly life insurance you don't have to die to use. It fills the long-term care coverage gap, and you don't have to be LTC certified to sell it.

Some product highlights:

  • Written with a GUL (a guaranteed benefit; premium to age 105)
  • Premium is waived when on claim (very rare)
  • 90-day elimination period
  • 3 monthly payout options: 2%, 4%, or per diem
  • Indemnity model, so you can control how the funds are used (that's huge!)
  • No additional agent licensing needed
  • Issue ages 18-80
  • Available through Table D
  • Benefits will be paid

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This product may be available in other states not listed. Please contact us to inquire.


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