Mistie Carter

Traffic Acquisition & Analytics Manager

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 200
Decatur, IL 62523

Mistie Carter

My name is Mistie Carter, and I’m the Traffic Acquisition & Analytics Manager here at New Horizons. I am part of an amazing team that works to create and implement digital strategies to put our content in front of and help as many agents as possible.

Everything we do online is measured, allowing us to continue to build on current strategies that will catapult us and our agents into the future. Together, we apply our digital and traditional business thought leadership to create processes that better align sales and marketing strategies. Ultimately, this makes a larger impact on goals and increases our return on investment. 

When I think about New Horizons, I think about family. I absolutely love the collaborative environment. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to helping each other succeed.

Prior to joining New Horizons in 2017, I was VP of Digital Marketing at an advertising agency among many other roles all focused on measuring success, building online brands, developing digital strategies, and analyzing and optimizing advertising campaigns.

While working towards my undergraduate degree, I was introduced to many amazing facilitators and books that I believe helped shape my values. Books I revisit often include John C. Maxwell's Leadership Bible, Good to Great by Jim Collins, and Six Thinking Hats by Edward DeBono. 

I received my Master of Digital Marketing and Analysis degree from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and a Master of Management at Indiana Wesleyan University with a specialty in Policy and Organizational Change.

I think it's important to look outside of oneself when analyzing a project's success, because it's the collaborative effort of everyone involved that makes the team so great.

From the greeting received when someone walks in the building to following up when someone finds us online, the whole team plays a vital role in every project. We aren't one without everyone.

In my spare time, my absolute favorite thing to do is watch my children have fun, smile, and laugh. That’s what brings me so much joy in life.

Favorite quote:

“Individuals play the game, but teams win championships.” 
–John C. Maxwell
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