We are experiencing one of the best times of the year for business

We currently have one of the best priced Medicare Supplements in the marketplace. Central States Indemnity "CSI" is having a banner year because of the business you continue to send them. The news of them only having a 5% rate increase is just AWESOME. Their announcement that they will have rate increases only on anniversary dates is maybe the best news of all.

You can manage your block of business so much better when a company makes that commitment to the policyholders. New Horizons Marketing is so happy with CSI, from the business you are sending, to the speed and approvals in underwriting. This seems to me the perfect storm for success and helping you build your business.

The new way to write business will be electronic. I know that will be a hurdle for some, but we all need to try it and see if it does not make your job easier and faster. The company has announced that a voice signature will complete the transaction and we are hearing from agents using it that policies are being issued 2 days later. Technology is something you love or hate, and either way it's not going away, so lets jump into the water together and start swimming with this new form of writing business. Remember, you don't have to do it electronically, but just like everything in life once you try it you might just love it!

Thanks for your business and don't forget to call us if we can be of assistance.

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