Oxford Life continues to impress

Since we added Oxford Life to New Horizons' stable of companies, they have continued to impress us. We looked at them with the same due diligence we do with any carrier, and they get our seal of approval. Thank God we took them on, as our sales numbers have continued to grow, and we feel they will continue to help agents with their sales.

Why?  Here are some highlights that show why you'll want Oxford Life in your kit of companies.  

Oxford Life
  1. Priced competitively
  2. Friendly application to agents
  3. Agent-friendly underwriting
  4. Pays full compensation on GI business

If you need another reason, they have an incentive trip that is very achievable.  It is an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas, in April 2015.  You can win the trip with approximately 46 medicare supplements sales.

For agents trying to make a living in commission sales, Oxford Life hits all the right buttons to make us excited to represent them. We recently visited with Drew Batten, who is a regional representative for Oxford Life. He told us about other products from Acclerated Life to annuities.

So please take a few moments, look at what you're selling. Make room in your portfolio for Oxford Life, and you will see they can help you make sales.

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