KSKJ Updates RMD Letters and Annuity Limits

KSKJ News Bulletin, January 1, 2017

KSKJ Life Insurance Company has announced some changes for 2017 that affects producers offering their annuity products.

Client RMD Letters

As of January 6th, 2017, a copy of your clients’ Required Minimum Distribution letters will be available for you to view on the agent portal. Even though KSKJ mails them a letter, you may get calls from clients asking what their RMD amount is. Now you can easily access this information in the KSKJ portal so you can help your clients.

To view these letters:

  1. Login to the My Account page, at https://kskjlife.net/my-account/ .
  2. Below the Book of Business box you will see a space for RMD.

The letters will be produced as PDF’s in one file for all clients. They will be available for you for the entire year.

Additional 2017 RMD Letter Information

  • RMD Letters will be mailed to your clients from the Home Office
  • RMD Letters will NOT be mailed to you, the agent

Annuity Limits Increased

As of January 1, 2017 annuity limits have increased to $250,000 per person per calendar year. This includes Flex One, Flex Two, Single Premium Bonus One, Single Premium Bonus Two, and 5-Year Fixed annuities. The new limit is a significant increase over the previous $50,000 limit.

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