If a client asks this question, do you have a good answer?

This happened to a producer we work with. One of his long-time Med Supp clients died at the age of 81. The client’s daughter notified the agent that her mother had passed. 

disappointed client

At that time, the daughter asked the agent about her mom’s life insurance. When the agent replied “she didn’t have any,” the daughter had 1 statement and 1 question;


You were my mom’s insurance agent for over 15 years.


Why didn’t you make sure her Final Expenses were covered with a life insurance policy?

What if you find yourself in this situation, and someone asks YOU about their parent's life insurance? Can you think of any clients that need help now?

What is stopping you from offering Life Insurance to clients? 

Let us help YOU help YOUR CLIENTS and their FAMILIES.

Contact Kirk for solutions. We offer final expense insurance with TOP LEVEL COMMISSIONS!
(Final Expense apps and processes are very similar to Med Supps)

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