Client Needs Assessments: Part 2

In this 5-part series we're offering a few questions you can use to identify which type of policy makes the most sense to focus on first, rather than just trying to get clients to buy a Medicare Supplement.

In Part 1, we asked "Do you know friends or family who have used home health care or gone into a nursing home?"

Next we'll ask another question to uncover your prospect's needs.

Do you have your final expenses in order?

Depending on their answer, follow up with this:

  • Have you put aside money for your funeral?

If they answer NO, you can introduce a $10,000 final expense plan.

Our quote engine lists our carriers with rates for level, graded and modified plans.

  • No exam
  • Premiums will never increase
  • Benefit will never decrease

If they answer YES... for example, "I have $8,000 set aside to take care of my funeral costs (in savings)".

That would be a good time to introduce a single premium whole life policy... NO EXAM.

Example Case: Single Premium Whole Life

  • Client: 70 female
  • Single Premium: $8,000
  • Death Benefit: $13,523 (and will grow)

You’re able to take the $8,000 she had in savings, to SAFELY and IMMEDIATELY turn it into over $13,500, with no exam and no phone interview!

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