Changes coming to KSKJ Life's Final Expense applications

New Final Expense Application starting Feb. 1, 2016.


The new Final Expense Application (ICC15 FE1015) will be available Feb 1, 2016 for all states except AZ, CA, CT, & DC.

We will accept the old application (ICC13 FE103) until Feb 15, 2016.

New FE Rate Sheet

What's new on the Final Expense app?

  1. Monthly Bank Modal Factor is now .0865
  2. Policy fee is $65.00 (non-commission-able)
  3. Cover Sheet has been updated, please complete when sending in the app.
  4. Part A on page 1 now asks for Height, Weight & Weight Change
  5. Parts B1, B2, and B3: Some questions have been added, removed and changed.
  6. Page 3 of the application, List of Medications has been added to the application and physician information is now required.
  7. Page 4, Part C1 (the payment information box) has been revised
  8. Page 6 of Application, Signature page, both Printed and Signed names of clients are now required.
  9. On Page 6 of Application, your name (the agent) please provide both your Printed and Signed Name along with your agent number **REMINDER** If you do not know your agent number, please contact the home office to clarify it.

More Updates to FINAL EXPENSE:

  • Exam 1 will now be performing the interviews
  • The Final Expense Rate cards now include a Medication Knock-Out List and a Height and Weight Chart

Beginning February 1, 2016

Please Fax applications to: 815-483-2271
Sales Hotline: 855-332-8809
Members: 800-843-5755

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