Book Giveaway: The Slight Edge

Hey gang, here’s the deal. I’m reading a few business books, though they aren’t necessarily insurance related. After I’m done, I’ll share some thoughts on how the ideas in the book can apply to your business. Then, I’m giving away my copy. The rules for entering are at the very bottom of this post.

The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson is based on a really simple premise - that you already know how to do what it takes to achieve success, but most likely, you have at some point, stopped doing the little things that got you where you are today.

Think of it this way: if you were starving right now, with no money in the bank, what would you do just to reach a level of survival? Would you go back to cold-knocking on doors and drumming up business? Olson makes the case that many of us get content or complacent, and we stop doing the things we used to do that really helped us grow our businesses. I see this every day - brand new agents are hungry, making calls, hitting the streets, and making tons of sales, while some established agents sit back and wait for business to come to them.

For those agents who have met all their career goals that’s fine, but if not, perhaps revisiting old methods would get them where they want to be. Furthermore, simply working harder won’t do. You must have the right philosophy or reasons for doing what you do. That creates your actions, which in turn creates results.

Olson says that small actions, repeated consistently over time, are the difference between success and failure. These actions are what he calls the “Slight Edge”. But that edge cuts both ways. While making a set number of calls every day leads to a positive outcome, small negative actions can lead to failure. For example, consistently running 10 minutes late can gradually cause clients to lose faith in you, and failing to make calls can slowly eat away at your renewals and your income potential.

There are a few chapters devoted to health and happiness, and how the Slight Edge can apply. Simple daily routines like sending emails to thank or praise people, or getting 15 minutes of exercise can increase your happiness and wellbeing. The author argues that happiness doesn’t come from success - in fact it’s the other way around.

While the first half of the book explains what the Slight Edge is and how it works, the second half explains how to live the Slight Edge. This includes investing in yourself, personal development, continuing education, and learning from mentors. The final chapter offers several worksheets to help you identify and act on your goals in a variety of topics, such as health, happiness, relationships, career, and more.

The Slight Edge doesn’t offer any insurance-specific advice or sales tips, but there’s something here for everyone. The overarching idea is simple, but the numerous examples and anecdotes paint a clear picture of how persistence with purpose can help anyone improve their situation.

Book Giveaway

The Slight Edge, by Jeff OlsonOur drawing to win a copy of The Slight Edge has already taken place.

Congratulations to our winner, Steve Thieving! Be on the lookout for future book giveaways.


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