AEP 2015 - Med Supp Pick 6

As we get into the busy fall selling season for Med Supp, we thought it might be helpful and interesting to get a rundown of our top Med Supp carriers, year-to-date.

#6: Manhattan Life

Starting out our top 6 is Manhattan Life (MLIC), with recently filed Plan G decreases, a household discount now available in most states, and with the easiest e-App on the street. A ridiculously rich app bonus for the remainder of 2015 makes MLIC a sure pick to jump several spots going into 2016.

#5: Companion Life

A+ rated Companion Life continues to battle for market share with very competitive rates (in Illinois especially) and a household discount now available in most states. Watch Companion Life continue to grow in the remainder of 2015 and beyond.

#4: Oxford

Although Oxford has slowed down a little since their rate increase last summer and no Plan G availability, their Plan F rate is one of the most competitive and their simple underwriting make them an agent favorite.

#3: Medico

This company continues to surprise any doubters with very competitive rates in their targeted zip codes, low consistent rate increases, and electronic enrollment makes Medico a great choice for most of our agents.

#2: Aetna

Coming in at #2, Aetna continues to climb with rate reductions on Plan G in some states, and the financials and brand that take a back seat to no one. Aetna continues to prove their commitment to being a top tier player in this space.

#1: Central States Indemnity & CSI Life

The two CSI sister companies are far and away our top Med Supp carrier. Between A.M. Best A+ rating, service, rate consistency, and compensation, this is the total package. CSI/CSI life has been our #1 provider for the last three years. In a market where it's very difficult to stay competitive year in and year out, they continue to deliver.

Of course we represent many more great carriers that we do business with every day, but this is a current snapshot of our current top 6 companies. If you need to compare them on underwriting, ratings, or compensation, be sure to check out our Med Supp Tip Sheets.

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