Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company

Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company

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Why Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement?

New Era Life Insurance Companies has a family of companies that offer several different products. One of those companies is Philadelphia American Life, which offers a Medicare Supplement product.

  • E-app available
  • All underwritten apps require a phone interview
  • $20 policy fee
  • HHD available

State Availability

The Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement is available in many states, which you can see in the chart below. All states with "PALIC" next to them are Philadelphia American.

E-App Signature Information

The applicant will be required to answer a security question to confirm their e-signature. Their answer will be verified during the telephone interview.

Household Discount

The Philadelphia Household Discount is 6%, but that can vary by state. Check the Brochure for your state, which lists the HHD in the fine print beneath the rate chart.

Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

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