Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company

Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company

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While the Medicare Supplement from Atlantic Coast Life (ACL) is fairly new to the market (launched in February of '19), this reputable company has been in the business for over 90 years.

Why Atlantic Coast Life Medicare Supplement?

  • Great rates on underwritten business ages 68-72
  • Very generous e-app bonus – check our Incentives page for more information
  • True Point-of-Sale™ Underwriting engine – able to generate an enrollment decision within seconds
  • Highly competitive commissions, plus the bonuses are paid along with commissions – real-time!
  • Digital Agent Kit, for quick, easy access to sales materials
  • B++ A.M. Best Rating
  • Market-leading Plan G and N rates at underwritten ages
  • 12% Household Discount

Industry-Leading eApp Technology

  • Instant Issue™ Application Approval
  • True Point-of-Sale™ Underwriting
  • Live Review™ Underwriter Access
  • Telephone Signature Capabilities

State Availability

At any time, you can view the live product availability map on ACL's website, which includes availability information for each product line.

Updated November 6, 2019

Plan F Effective Date Schedule

Signature Options

There are two options to collect signatures: Telephone Signature or E-Signature. You were prompted to indicate which signature method your client will be using on
page 1 of the application.

Your client may sign by telephone signature while you, the agent, are required to sign electronically.

When the application is 100% complete, a message will appear for you to continue to the next step of collecting signatures. Select ‘Continue’ in the message window or in the upper right hand corner.

Household Discount

The Atlantic Coast Life Household Discount is 12%, but that can vary by state (there is no discount in Oklahoma).

Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

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