We Want to Give You $500!*

$500 Bonus

*Here are the rules:

If you have a current Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement contract, and have not written any business in the last 12 months, or you have not had this product for less than 12 months, transfer your contract to New Horizons Insurance Marketing. You DO NOT need to complete a new contract - simply sign the transfer form!

Then, write five (5) open enrollment or underwritten Mutual of Omaha apps within 45 days of your transfer, and get a $500 bonus!

Why Write Mutual of Omaha?

  • Rates are competitive! For example, their Plan G rate is the best in Illinois.
  • Renewal bonuses for writing at least 40% underwritten business
  • Across the board 4% commission increase in most states!

As simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Sign the Transfer Request Form
  2. Write five (5) open enrollment or underwritten apps within the next 45 days
  3. Receive your $500 bonus!

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