Capitol Life / American Benefit Life (ABL) 2023 Agent Incentive Trip to Norway

Qualification Period:
January 1, 2022
December 31, 2022

Capitol Life is excited to announce their 2023 Agent Incentive Trip. Qualifying Agents will enjoy a weeklong cruise through the mountains and fjords of one of the world’s most beautiful countries, Norway.

Based on 2022 production, qualifying agents will spend a week exploring the fjords and mountains of Norway.

“One of the world's most beautiful countries, Norway has long been a popular cruising destination, famed for its stunning fjords. Formed during the last ice age's meltdown when the inland valleys carved by huge glaciers filled with seawater, fjords are undoubtedly Norway's top attractions—they shape the country's unique landscape and never fail to take your breath away.

Although the fjords are Norway's most striking and dramatic scenic features, there is much else to see, from the vast expanses of rugged tundra in the north to the huge evergreen forests along the Swedish border, from fertile coastal plains in the southwest to the snow-covered peaks and glaciers of the center.” —

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