Cancer: Lung

The most common type of cancer death for both men and women. The two main types of lung cancer are small cell and non-small cell.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Lung cancer can only be considered if treatment completed, not smoking, stable course, and no recurrence

Stage I:
Class 5 to 7
Class 5: Postpone x 3 years then $15/1000 x 5 years
Class 6: Postpone x 4 years then $20/1000 x 5 years
Class 7: Postpone x 5 years then $25/1000 x 5 years

Stage II/III/IV:

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Current age
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Type and stage of cancer
  • Type of treatment
  • Date treatment completed
  • Any recurrence or spread
  • Reduced/eliminated risk factors (e.g., smoking)
  • Any concurrent impairment (e.g., emphysema or chronic bronchitis)
  • Any serious complications from treatment

Fast Track the App


Fast Track:

  • Pathology reports
  • Hospital reports
  • Details and date(s) of treatment
  • Evidence of regular follow-up (CT scans etc.)