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You may not need long-term care for many years. The carrier you choose is important so that you can feel confident at claim time. 

John Hancock believes that no one should have to face long-term care alone. We have seen the difference this coverage has made in the lives of many of our claimants and their family members.

  • John Hancock has been providing LTC insurance to individuals and their families for more than 25 years
  • Over 1.3 million insureds have chosen us to meet their potential long-term care needs 
  • Today we pay approximately $2 million in long-term care claims per day
  • John Hancock has paid more than $4 billion in total long-term care claims 
  • Our financial ratings are among the highest in the insurance industry

LTC Certification

LTC Certification is required in most states prior to soliciting or selling LTC Insurance.

To view your state's requirements and take your LTC Certification on line visit

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