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Exemplar Health

Exemplar Health offers MSA and PDP products that appeal to a wide range of individual and group consumers with hard-to-beat value.

Exemplar Health CEO, Jim Handlan, has a deep background in Medicare MSAs and has developed an exciting product line that solves some of the biggest MSA challenges.

Our team is thrilled to spread the word about Exemplar’s 2022 plan lineup that features groundbreaking solutions to deal with provider access, provider payment and member financing concerns.

Medicare Supplement Products

Medicare Advantage Products

Medicare MSAs are different but not complex. An MSA is a Medical Savings Account, which is a type of Medicare Advantage plan.

MSAs are similar in concept to the increasingly familiar/popular Health Savings Account (HSA) plan offered outside of Medicare. The major difference is the government contributes the annual account funds instead of the enrollee. Only CMS/Exemplar Health can deposit funds into a member’s MSA account.

MSAs provide medical coverage via a $0 premium high deductible health plan covering Medicare A and B expenses plus a special, IRS-approved savings bank account.

Many types of beneficiaries can perform well in an MSA, including:

  • Prior HSA enrollees
  • Travel enthusiasts
  • Enrollees with controlled chronic conditions
  • Health enthusiasts
  • Enrollees on expensive Med Supp plans

The Exemplar Health Freedom MSA solves common agent and client concerns via partnerships with HealthBridge and MultiPlan.  

The HealthBridge Financial Wellness Program is a built-in financing solution (the first-of-its-kind!) giving clients unprecedented financial flexibility and savings… and helping providers receive full payment quickly.  

And MultiPlan offers a contracted network of Medicare providers that enhances the already broad, nationwide access in an MSA.

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Group Medicare Advantage Products

In addition to the individual MSA, Exemplar Health offers an incredibly unique Group MSA product that can be sold in any state, any time of year. You do not need to be AHIP certified to sell the Exemplar Health Freedom Group MSA product.

Even if you’ve never sold a group MA plan before, this product is certainly worth adding to your portfolio.

The Group Freedom MSA is unmatched in the group MA market with a $0 group fee and $0 member premium value proposition.

From very small groups of one eligible, to jumbo groups of 100,000+ eligibles, chances are your professional and personal networks include at least one group that could benefit from the Group Freedom MSA.  

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Exemplar Health is also offering two in-house PDP complements to the Exemplar Health Freedom MSA.

  • Large and local network: Over 66,000 network pharmacies, with the nation’s largest preferred network of local, independent pharmacies.
  • Growing service area: Available for purchase in Texas and North Carolina, with additional states planned for future years. Members can access network pharmacies across the nation.
  • Extensive formulary: Over 27,000 formulary drugs, with 90 of the 100 most popular drugs across all of Medicare’s beneficiaries falling into Tiers 1 and 2.
  • Competitive cost: Two plan options with zero to low-cost premiums, deductible, copays and coinsurance for all budgets.

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