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Sep 3, 2013

By Rick L. Law, Elder Law Estate Planner

New Horizons Insurance Marketing is proud to announce a new relationship for the benefit of all agents. We want to introduce you to Rick L. Law, Lead Attorney of Law ElderLaw, LLP, located in Aurora, Illinois.  Law ElderLaw is a renowned Elder Law Estate Planning Firm, which serves seniors and those who love them in the Chicago metropolitan area.  

Mr. Law was listed as the number one Elder Law Estate Planner in Illinois in the August 2013 edition of Leading Lawyer magazine.  The list is compiled yearly through an anonymous survey of Illinois lawyers, who have voted to give Mr. Law this honor for the last 5 years. 

They are unusual among law firms in that they respect both insurance agents and the valuable place that insurance products have in a well-integrated legal/financial/insurance plan.

This month, the American Bar Association published a book co-authored by Rick Law and Chicago Estate Litigation Attorney Kerry Peck entitled Alzheimer’s and The Law: Counseling Clients with Dementia and Their Families.  This book has been published for use by the American Bar Association for continuing legal education of attorneys nationwide and is sold for $129.95.

Alzheimer's and the Law

Best-selling author Scott Turow wrote about Mr. Law’s book, “When someone asks us (attorneys) what they should do now that a loved one has been diagnosed, we don’t even know how to begin to find the right answers.  This book will be your starting point and a trustworthy guide.  It is written by practicing lawyers who are on the frontlines fighting to serve clients with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.  In this book they share with you with their practice – pointers, secret information, and the uncommon knowledge that comes from years of multiple client experiences.”  – Scott Turow, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Burden of Proof, Presumed Innocent, Pleading Guilty, Personal Injuries, and, most recently, Identical.

Cruising Through Retirement

Mr. Law and his colleague Kathy Motley have also written a book for all of us entitled Cruising through Retirement, Avoiding the Potholes.  Copies of this book are available in paperback and Kindle via 

Rick Law has agreed to provide ongoing articles in our newsletter for the benefit of all agents.  His personal story as an elder lawyer begins in the year 2000, when his dear friend, Luise, called in panic with these questions, “Rick, what are we going to do now?  Bob’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s!  Am I going to lose my home? Are we going to lose everything?”  He reflects on that call and states, “I’m a tax attorney.  I was totally prepared for legal questions within my professional comfort zone.  Alzheimer’s disease was not on my career radar screen.  When I got that call from Luise, I had to tell her - I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you.  Like 99.9% of all attorneys, back then I was totally unprepared to answer those questions, or suggest solutions.  But, I promised her that I would help them and the search for answers changed my life.  I was able to provide my friends Bob and Luise with a trustworthy legal guide during their Alzheimer’s care journey.  Our firm, Law ElderLaw, was born through my local and national search for answers for people like Bob and Luise.  Today our firm concentrates its practice in estate planning, nursing home solutions, guardianship, and asset protection.”

If you, your clients, or someone you love has questions about estate and asset protection planning during the aging process, Rick Law and his team are available to you and your clients as professional consultants.  They are unusual among law firms in that they respect both insurance agents and the valuable place that insurance products have in a well-integrated legal/financial/insurance plan.

We have begun a very special relationship with Mr. Law and the other attorneys and staff at Law ElderLaw and we look forward to building that relationship to be a benefit to all of the members of the New Horizons Insurance Marketing family.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about this new relationship. Mr. Law can be reached at rick@lawelderlaw.comand his website has several free resource reports available at

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