IMPORTANT: New Med Supp from Lumico Medigap Solutions

IMPORTANT: New Med Supp from Lumico Medigap Solutions
April 26, 2021

New Med Supp Launch: Lumico Medigap Solutions underwritten by Elips Life Insurance Company

Lumico is coming out with new paper!

Lumico Medigap Solutions, featuring new underwriting company Elips Life Insurance Company, will be available for sale on June 14, 2021.

Elips Life is currently approved in 16 states: AR, AZ, GA, IA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MS, NE, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, and TX.

Elips highlights:

  • Some of the lowest available premiums in the market
  • 12% household discount
  • Enhanced application, which will increase auto-approval rate by 2-3%
  • Numerous incentives for both Lumico and Elips sales (more info coming soon)

Current Lumico Agents

You can visit the Lumico Agent Center, and you'll see a pop-up message to get appointed with Elips Life.

All you have to do is click "Agree" and you're appointed!

Non-Lumico Agents

To get appointed to sell Elips, you need to get appointed with Lumico Life, then authorize appointment for Elips life.

You can fill out the Lumico contracting form on this page to begin the process:

Get Appointed with Lumico

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