Delight your new clients with this process

New Insurance Client Onboarding

You just sold a policy to a new client - now what? Do you send them a thank you card, or deliver their policy and thank them in person, or both? If you really want to impress, you need a process for bringing new clients onboard. This makes it easier to keep clients, easier to cross sell, and easier for them to refer you. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to delight them!

How to create a process for bringing on new clients

The key to onboarding a new client is to have a system in place. Your system relieves you from having to keep everything in your head. You shouldn’t try to remember to send a card to new clients - you should have a checklist for each client instead. It doesn’t matter whether you print a paper checklist or do it on your computer, as long as you use one. Trying to remember everything results in things falling through the cracks.

What should your checklist contain? It’s different for every agent, but there are some basics that you should consider.

  • Add to Customer Database
  • Thank You Card
  • Welcome Letter
  • Followup Email or Call
  • Newsletter
  • Holiday/Birthday Cards

First, add your prospect to your customer database (CRM) with all the info you can gather, including name, email address, birthdate, spouse’s name, and so on. The more info you can get the better. People are sometimes reluctant to give out email addresses, but if you just offer to email something to them, such as a quote or renewal notice, they’ll often give it to you. It’ll come in handy later.

Send a Thank You card right after your first meeting or call, regardless of whether your prospect bought a policy. This sends the message that you are a professional, and they may hang onto your card and buy from you later.

If they did buy a policy, send a Welcome Letter. This should be on your letterhead, and can include several important items; a thank you for becoming a client, a reminder that using an agent gives them a real person to help them and doesn’t cost anything extra, maybe a short list of other services you provide, and perhaps introduce your staff. You don’t really have to sell them at this point - this letter is to welcome them aboard and let them know you’re available to help them with their insurance needs.

Follow up with a phone call a week or two later. You can check and make sure they received their policy and see if they have any questions about it. You could email this time as well, but a phone call offers a more personal touch.

If you’re sending out a newsletter on a regular basis, whether monthly, quarterly, or on some other schedule, they should be on your mailing list. Your newsletter should aim to educate clients on product updates such as rate increases, Medicare news, any relevant health care info, and to make them aware of other products you offer. If you’ve been collecting email addresses as mentioned above, an email newsletter is an easy way to stay in touch.

Lastly, be sure to send Birthday and Holiday cards to clients. This is a relatively minor investment and keeps you top of mind with them. Some of your older clients may not have a lot of interaction with others, so they will appreciate this!

Regularly communicating with your clients is one of the best ways to keep them from shopping around, and by doing so, you’ll never get the dreaded “I never hear from my agent.”

Repeat this process of calling, emailing, and writing your clients consistently, and you’re going to have happy, long-term, clients who tell their friends about you.

Need help creating a Welcome Letter or cards? If you’re writing business with New Horizons, contact me and we’ll help you design yours.

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