Recognizing Memorial Day

As we celebrate another Memorial Day weekend, it is a first for me after recently losing my father. I am sensitive to any of the grief people will be feeling this year as I am flooded at times with the overwhelming feeling of the permanence of loss. My real focus for this holiday has ..

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Internet Security: How to Ensure Your Business Is Safe

In light of the recent Google Docs phishing scam (, we wanted to talk about something slightly yawn-inducing but extremely important. Internet security. We all know it’s a serio..

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Use Annuity Money to Fund a Life Policy: A New Solution

The best agents will find a way to fund important insurance policies. After all, we all know the trouble with trying to sell a policy that a client doesn’t want to pay for. And a great way to create money is through an annuity. But, we run into a stumbling block, because you can’t r..

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