The Perfect Agent Workday for Maximum Productivity

The control! The power! The freedom! Being in charge of your own work hours seems like a pretty good deal. But (you knew there was a but coming), it’s a huge challenge for a lot of independent insurance agents. When to start? When to stop? Which hours are the most product..

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Why You Should Be Facebook Friends With Your Clients

It almost sounds taboo. Becoming friends with a client on social media? My initial reaction was “heck no!” However, after talking with some agents and hearing them out, it’s pretty clear that if you’re not already doing this, you’re missing out ..

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How to Generate More Leads and Keep the Clients You Have

Why do you think people buy insurance from you? A quick thought might lead you to something like: “Well, they need it.” or “I have a competitive price.” I decided to uncover every possible reason clients buy insurance from you. And I got a pretty decent little list going, but then I real..

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