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Medico Announces Shorter PHI Call


Now that the merger between Medico and American Enterprises is complete, there are changes taking place. One of those changes involves the PHI call. 

Here are the details:

  • You no longer need to stay in the home to make the call after the sale. Simply send in your new business and our staff will make an outbound call. 
  • Get your new business in quickly. (Upload on MIC; Fax to 888.393.3420) Once Medico receives the application, the applicant's information is entered into the system and within approximately 48 hours the outbound call to the client is placed.
  • Since the applicant's information is entered into our system before the call is placed, the duration of the actual call will be much shorter than in the recent past. We expect the calls to take approximately five minutes.
  • If you prefer to make the call while you are at the home, you can still do that. Simply call our Underwriting hotline at: 1.800.626.2068.