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CSI Keeps Their Promise

11-Sep-2012 Jeff Sams

In business it is refreshing to have an insurance company value the consumer. Last year the leaders of CSI and AIMC told us they were going to have single digit rate increases. That was a huge statement when several of the leaders in the industry were having double digit increases. We represented carriers that were having 25% rate increases and found this commitment by CSI to be an amazing statement.

As more than a year is behind us, we've learned that CSI did just what they said they would do! Actually, they did better than that - they moved any rate increases back to February of 2013. CSI also announced the rate increase is 5% in most states and they have a few with no increase at all.

The biggest news is they will put it in writing that rate increases will only happen at anniversary dates! That is huge and makes you want to partner up with a company that makes good on their word. It is so nice to show stability in a product we sell, that makes our customers realize this is a very special company.

I hope you check out the cruise vouchers that CSI is offering, it is a great incentive for your business and their way of saying Thank You.

CSI electronic applications are up and running now, and hopefully will make it easier to submit business and get your policies back for delivery. Please call New Horizons Marketing if you have questions regarding electronic apps.

My hope 2012 continues to be a great year for you. With all the exciting news about CSI I hope you share my enthusiasm that they are trying to earn your business in the right manner. Happy Selling!